Women’s Fellowship

Women's Fellowship ministry

The Women’s Fellowship ministry encourages women in participating in God’s Ministry for the spiritual growth of family, children and the society. Every second Friday women of our church meet. They do chain of prayers  Mrs. Kiruba Edwin and Mrs. Lincy Rebecca Jofun  is responsibly leads as the organiser and they also visit sick people and pray for them.

Our Focus

  • To empower, strengthen and encourage women in the Gospel.
  • To create opportunities to women in serving the Lord
  • To help women to use their gifts effectively for the Lord.
  • To help women start and maintain a prayerful life.
  • To start and maintain spiritual reading groups/workshops and family spiritual gatherings.
  • To provide literature and engage in retreats for spiritual growth.

Women’s Fellowship Activities: Women’s fellowships in CSI churches organize various activities. These include Bible study and devotional sessions to deepen their understanding of Scripture, women’s conferences and retreats for spiritual enrichment and fellowship, skill development programs to empower women in leadership and vocational areas, social welfare and outreach initiatives to support the needy and raise awareness, health and wellness programs, participation in choirs and music ministries, and collaborations with women’s groups from different denominations for joint events and service projects. These activities promote fellowship, spiritual growth, and service within the church..