Friday School

Children ministry

Friday School is committed to giving our children an early understanding on the love of God for them through Jesus Christ, and their responsibility to Him. This ministry is for children of ages 3 to 18.

From its inception in the year 2022 our focus in the church is to raise a generation of young people passionate about Jesus and follow Him as their Lord and Saviour. We endeavour to teach biblical truths and nurture children in how these truths can apply to their everyday life via interactive learning.

Our Focus

Children’s ministries in CSI churches offer Sunday school programs that provide age-appropriate Bible lessons, interactive activities, and crafts to teach children about God and biblical principles. Vacation Bible School programs deepen their understanding of the Bible through games, songs, skits, and crafts. Some churches have dedicated children’s worship services where children actively participate. Bible quizzes, competitions, and talent shows are organized to encourage children’s engagement with biblical stories and showcase their talents. Retreats and camps provide focused spiritual growth and fellowship opportunities, including worship sessions, Bible studies, and outdoor activities. Children are encouraged to participate in community service initiatives and celebrations throughout the year. Prayer meetings, devotionals, and artistic expressions such as choirs, dance groups, and drama teams also play a role in children’s ministry.

As teachers we are fervent about teaching children about who Jesus is and His deep love for them. Our desire is that our children will build a solid foundation of faith in God and His promises so they will be prepared for life’s challenges. Hence, kids will spend about one and half hour engaging in fun, creative, and age-appropriate activities designed to teach Biblical truths in relevant ways.