How to pray?

We begin a new year, We make a lot of resolutions when we start a new year We will never abide by most of the resolutions. when week and months pass by, we get back to our old form but this year I don’t know what resolutions you might take but make a resolution to pray the most needed thing in this period is to have a good relationship with God Many of us might question, How to pray? sometimes we do not have any order in praying We’ll be continually talking, continually praying and repeatedly saying what we said It’s not like that

Remember A.C.T.S while praying

When you begin to pray, firstly adore God.

That is by saying the name of the Lord, Good God, we praise you, Praise be to you, Almighty So by this way, we must begin to pray. Sometime we are adored by seeing few things and the same way we will have to adore God


Secondly, when you pray, next to adoration, you must confess. That is, confessing your sin. God loves us but hates our sin When we walk along with him, No one can worship God without holiness Therefore, you can not have dirt when you walk with him So come under his presence and confess whichever mistake you have remembered. Ask for forgiveness if God reminds you of your past mistakes. After saying these is giving thanks to God.


Give thanks for the good thing which you have received we must be grateful to God We sing saying “How can I thank you for doing so many good things to me?”, lets count


There’s a beautiful song. Count your many blessings and name them one by one. It’ll surprise you what the lord has done lets think, we can thank only when we count


Finally, supplication.


Adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication


Supplication means, praying for others we must remember when we pray for others we have to pray with folded hands remember these five fingers


Thumb is closest to the chest the thumb finger is who ever is very closed to us, we must pray next is the Index finger is who you think as important to you in your life, pray for them the middle finger is the tallest finger Whomever you thinks as the senior, it can be your prime minister, bishop, pastor, it can be anybody who you think as the most senior, pray for them We say as ring finger, this is a weak finger pray for the people who are weak, sick, fatigue, hopeless people, physically, emotionally and mentally weak little finger is at the last pray for you at the last pray for yourself during the initial days of COVID 29, many people prayed many of us might say, perhaps of the prayer’s benefits, many have escaped from the second wave God hears our prayers He said, call unto me Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent.
he is God Therefore, let’s remember this day May a wonderful year dawn for you


when 2020 started, we said wish you a happy new year but after two months it was not a happy year let’s hope that, God will let us see a new year and Turn it into a happy year
O good, gracious God who loves us the most it is a profit to contact with you we sing as, To be with you is the longing of my heart
Doing your will is the longing of my heart. Jesus, I’ve stopped you in front of me help us to learn and do these things God
even when we have troubles around us, it will be happy as Paul says, No matter how much I am pressured, I will not be heartbroken with this great faith, make me and us to stand in this new year,


God through son we pray Father


Rev Jerome

Rtd CSI reverend