Presbyter In-Charge

Rev. J. Edwin Rajkumar

Rev. J. Edwin Rajkumar is a Theologist, born on 23rd of September, 1978. He has served as a Deacon / Presbyter for seven churches in CSI Coimbatore Diocese, followed by few additional responsibilities as Youth incharge, DBM incharge, Area Chairman and few more. At present, he is officiating as the Presbyter In Charge  for CSI Tamil Church Qatar.

Apart from his regular activities, there are various achievements of his, such as, A Church in a remote hilly area was renovated, a new church was established, formed a choir group, renovated altar and the pulpit, a land was purchased for the purpose of church activities, couple of new churches were built and dedicated and finally few works in his last serving church has been undertaken. He extended the helping hands to the needy people, on behalf of his previous church,  during the pandemic period. He supports the DBM ministry and other Church missions

He is currently serves his ministry as Presbyter  for C.S.I. Tamil Church, Qatar, for the Glory of God.

Rev. J. Edwin Rajkumar


CSI Tamil Church Qatar

Affiliated With Church Of South India-Synod.

#32, Zone 44, Street 840 Alhilal Area,

Near Old Mamoura Complex,

Doha, Qatar