Church of South India

About CSI

The Church of South India is the result of the union of churches of varying traditions Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed. It was inaugurated in September 1947, after protracted negotiation among the churches concerned. Organized into 24 dioceses, each under the spiritual supervision of a bishop, the church as a whole is governed by a synod, which elects a moderator (presiding bishop) every 3 years. Episcopacy is thus combined with Synodical government, and the church explicitly recognizes that Episcopal, Presbyterian, and congregational elements are all necessary for the churchs life. The Scriptures are the ultimate standard of faith and practice. The historic creeds are accepted as interpreting the biblical faith, and the sacraments of baptism and the Lords Supper are recognized as of binding obligation.

On 27th September 1947, the General council of Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon, General Assembly of South India United Church and South India Provincial Synod of Methodist Church joined together to from the CHURCH OF SOUTH INDIA as the largest united national church in India. The continued growth has been further enriched with the joining of the churches of Basel Mission and the Anglican Diocese of Nandyal. A unique church was born out of the blending of the Episcopal and non – Episcopal traditions as a gift of God to the people of India and as a visible sign of the ecclesiastical unity for the universal church.

Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark B.Com., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.

Moderator In-Charge,

Church of South India – SYNOD

No. 5, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai,
India, Pin – 600 014.

+91 44 2852 1566


The Church of South India (CSI) affirms that the purpose of the union is to fulfill the priestly prayer of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church That they all may be one, and that the world may believe that you have sent me. And the Church of South India would become an effective instrument of God’s mission so there will be greater peace, closer fellowship and fuller life in the Church and a renewed commitment for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed.


The Church of South India affirms that the Church is the Servant of God to carry on the mission rooted in Jesus Christ based on the Scriptures. The Church through her mission expresses solidarity with the broken communities for a new hope to face the challenges of life. The Cross continues to be the sign of hope for the witnessing Church, which strives towards Unity, Peace and Reconciliation as a vibrant Channel of God.


The Logo of the Church of South India is an important and significant as the formation of the CSI through the process of unification. The Lotus and the Cross used in the Logo possess a rich cultural history and heritage which will help us in the understanding of the significance of the unification and our call and mission as members of this great and unique church.

The words THAT THEY ALL MAY BE ONE, CHURCH OF SOUTH INDIA are embossed in a circle round the Lotus and the Cross. The words, as we know, are taken from the high priestly prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ who prayed not only for the Church but also for the whole world. This universality is expressed by placing the words in a form of a circle symbolizing not only the universe but also the inclusive nature of the Church